Bridgestone is
Proud to Be a
Olympic Partner

We take this Olympic partnership as an opportunity to showcase our company’s commitment towards community service, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and sustainability, all tenets of the Olympic Charter and the international Olympic committee’s agenda, 2020, that mirror Bridgestone’s core value.

For over 80 years, we at Bridgestone have made it our priority to help customers on their journey with a passion and innovation that is reliable and state-of-the-art. And, as an official Worldwide Olympic Partner since 2014, we have been proudly supporting the athletes of the world on their journey to the Olympic Games!

Athletes represent the heart of The Olympics and are highly revered by Bridgestone who put in countless hours on the road, day in and day out, traveling to and from training and competition, no matter the distance or weather conditions. Bridgestone is proudly supporting athletes who embody the company’s “Chase Your Dream” message and will serve as the face of Bridgestone activities as Team Bridgestone in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

chase your dream

Olympians are a result of sheer hard work. They are made by conquering the toughest terrains, sailing the roughest waters and cruising the highest skies- to sum it up, by chasing their dreams with all they have.

‘Chase Your Dream’ is Bridgestone’s global manifesto for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. It features inspiring stories from athletes which highlight the pursuit of performance that Bridgestone shares with the Olympic Movement. It honours the commitment which is necessary to stay the course to realize one’s dreams.

Our Manifesto

No one is born an Olympian

Olympians are made

Moulded from more than just strength and speed

But something else

Staying power

Through the toughest terrain

With absolute focus

And realise their dreams

We recognize these roads

We’ve been doing it for decades

Keeping people on track

Whatever their journey

No matter the conditions

This is our passion

So, whatever you want to achieve

Olympic glory

Or something else closer to home

Keep going

Stay true